X-Mas Sticky Circuits Workshop

Impressions from the Workshop

IMPORTANT UPDATE: “Ätzen-as-a-Service”

We have shifted the workshop to a mostly online hybrid format!!

This allows even more of you to join and participate in the collaborative design process of make your own “X-Mas Sticky Circuits”. Join us in the lab of our virtual 2d-World or directly join the jitsi-room if you have troubles with the map, or want to join from your phone.
We will introduce the background and concepts of the Sticky Circuits, and then guide you through some design guidelines, and you can start to design and draw your own stickers at home!

We then offer an “Ätzen-as-a-Service” and you will be able to watch us how to make the circuit stickers from kapton tape, copper tape and photosensitive materials.
The carefully produced Sticky Circuits will be then sent to you by normal post mail, as a “certificate” of your participation, and will allow you and your friends to solder the BlinkeShit yourself at home!

More info will be published on the github and SGMK wiki.



MechArtLab @ Bitwäscherei, ZWZ – Neue Hard 12, 3. Stock, 8005 Zürich

Date and Time:

Saturday, 12. December 2020, 14h – 18h and open end. (And other dates for Part 2 making blinki xmas stickers)


This is a two stage workshop, starting with a more detailed introduction into designing and producing your own Sticky Circuit.

Part 1: Design and make your own Sticky Circuit

We will guide you through a detailed instructions for designing your own Sticky Circuit and producing them using photolithography and etching the copper clads.

Part 2: Solder your BlinkeShit X-Mas Sticky Circuit

From 18h onwards and other dates during the upcoming weeks

Example of Sticky Circuits designed by Velibor and Zohar.

Learn how to solder a little x-mas present for your loved ones! For all people all ages!

Workshop Mentors

Zohar Messeca-Fara (IL)

Interaction designer, electronics practical engineer and audio visual experimentalist. Founder of RedbootkeH Experimental record label Since 2004. Lab manager at shenkar SE department since 2012 praxis in analog electronics, robotics, physical computing and wearables.

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr (CH)

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr is a nomadic researcher and workshopologist, Co-founder of SGMK and Ambassador of the Global Hackteria Network. He also loves synhtesizers and coconuts.


We suggest a donation of 40 – 80 CHF. Cash payment or Twint on site. All tools and materials are provided in the MechArtLab.

Limited Participants

Contact dusjagr to reserve your place in the workshop. Limited participation is 8 people, but you can also work in small groups.

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