Synth Soldering wiht JACQNOISE – 29. Jan 2022

“The afternoon is more than just soldering, it is also trying out new modules, talking and creating noise!!” . Jacky Noise

Location: SGMK MechArtLab @ Bitwäscherei, ZWZ, Neue Hard 12, 3rd Floor.

Begin: 14h 

Duration: 3 hour workshop 


Register As Soon as Possible!! So the Kits can be prepared!

Limited seats available, Register NOW to guarantee your spot!


If you’re interested in soldering one (or more) of the modules, please let us know so we can reserve a spot for you, see link above.

A reservation is mandatory for this workshop, because of the hosting party.

More information is on the Wiki!!

Introduction of the Workshop ‘Try and error’ – Solder your first Synth 

Do you have something with weird or raw electronic sounds? Have you been collecting exotic sounds and glitchy instruments over the years? Or do you just want to learn how to solder? Then this workshop is something for you. In a small group we will try and error to get some scratchy noises that will be later used in a final jam. 

In this workshop, we are soldering your (first) synthesiser, and get a better understanding of electronics. 

The goal of the workshop

The goal of the workshop  is that everyone will walk out with a working self-built noise source or eurorack module. The aim is not only to basteln with hardware but also build up trust  and know-how to build their own DIY projects by themselves.


Lately, Jacky aka JacqNoise, as an errorist, pioneered hardware interfaces that support algorithms or analogue circuits focusing on chaos in order to develop noises and specify sounds.

She has given workshops in the last 4 years that have centralised on fundamentals of creating sounds. This was either by having the focus on the hardware (Eurorack format) or creating compositions with deconstruction field recordings. Besides the workshop program, Jacky performs live with her Eurorack case that synchronises with her surroundings. She finds her main source of inspiration in cultural cross-pollination.

Jacqnoise portriat.jpeg

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