SGMK On-Tour #001: Visit to LaborLuzern meets TAMI (Tel Aviv Makers Intl.) | 26/27 Jan 2019

For Winter/Spring 2019 we are proud to announce the first event in our series of SGMK On-Tour, where we want to connect more actively with various cities/spaces/communities in our network.

This time we invite all the SGMK community to visit the newly re-opened Labor Luzern in their new space in Kriens! And we also have a whole group of international visitors joining the event from Tel Aviv Makers, and other friends from Prague ranging from lickable electronics hacker, edible bitcoin geeks and fermentation maniacs


Saturday 14-23

14:00 Meet and Hack

19:00 Introductions / Snacks
Intro and Tour of Labor Luzern
Short introductions by international guests

21:00 Bring your own Synth, Jam-evening, Drinks

Sunday 11-23h

11:00 Brunch and Lickable Circuits
SGMK-On-Tour invites to meet local and global makers, upcoming tour program

15:00 Workshopology Meet-up: minimal electronics, flexible PCBs and ATTINY-geeking

19:00 Dinner, details tba


Our great Hosts!

Livia Müller and the team at Labor Luzern

Our amazing Guests

Yair Reshef (IL)

Denisa Kera (CZ/ES/global)

Markéta Dolejšová (CZ)

Zohar Messeca-Fara (IL)

Coordinated by SGMK On-Tour with Marc Dusseiller

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  1. jana° says:

    Yaaay! SGMK on tour! watch out world (bzw. Luzern) !!! –

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