SGMK Day: Workshop, Assembly and Concerts

Date and Location: 24. June 2023MechArtLab @ Bitwäscherei

We are happy to invite you all to spend a day together in our lab! We have a great programme with workshops to build your own 8bit synths, a series of noise and chiptune concerts in the night, and our yearly general members assembly (MV) to guide and inform, vote and discuss the future of SGMK, followed by a nice dinner together!


13:00 Start of Workshop: noisio diy synth kits

16:00 Start of Member’s Assembly. See Traktanden

19:00 Dinner. Register here to plan our foodstuffs Register MV 2023

21:00 Start of Concerts

noisio workshop: Solder a DIY synth kit – Start 13:00 and ongoing until late

We are happy to have Steffen Koritsch a.k.a noisio with us for the day, offering his amazing DIY kits for building your own 8-bit sound machines! He will bring a collection of different kits, for all levels of soldering skills and prize ranges. See the website for more info.
Here a video examples of the Levitation OSC Drone Oscillator!!!

No Registration needed!
If you are a beginner, please show up on time at 13:00 to get an introduction. More experienced soldering geeks, can join independantly through-out the day and night.

Steffen Koritsch a.k.a noisio is an artist, musician, electronics engineer and programmer. Having fun with mistakes and previously unknown features, he discovers new sounds, designs synthesizer soldering kits for everyone and takes them on workshop and concert tour.

On this afternoon noisio will take you into the world of his curious 8-bit machines. Everyone can solder one of the synths or just come along for a talk. Even very beginners will be able to build their first electronic instrument. You can get kits from 25 CHF like the Photonotron OptoTheremin, or for a little bit higer prizes the more advanced boards.

We are offering the DIY kits for a material cost according to noisio prize list, and are additionally asking for a workshop mentor support as a free prizing model (20-80 CHF) to cover his travel and fee. Payment on site in Cash or Twint. Thanks!!!

Phonotron: 25 CHF

ATTiny Punk Console: 50 CHF

ATBase Console: 60 CHF

Levitation Oscillator: 65 CHF

BASE61: 80 CHF

As a special limited edition for the SGMK day, there will be a limited proto- workshop on a new design called BASE61. This bass synth comes packed with 16 RGB keys, 4 waveforms, LFO, ADSR, a 15×32 storable step sequenzer plus many more features and is also based on one of this tiny simple microcontrollers.

Let’s see what else will happen 🙂

SGMK yearly members assembly a.k.a SGMK MV 2023 – Start 16:00

Juhhuuuu. It’s time again for our yearly Member’s Assembly 2023!!! wiki link
Open for all members, guests and friends!
Let us know, if you are interested to become a NEW MEMBER, we can include you on the spot to be able vote for the future of SGMK.

Also we would love to have more supporting members of our board aka SGMK Vorstand!

8-bit Tunes and Noise Concerts – Start 21:00

Jack Noise Syndrom

Improvised sounds & experiments between drones and beats. Jack Noise Syndrome is the solo project of Steffen Koritsch a.k.a noisio. With roots in the DIY of 90s punk, he enters the playground of his self-developed synths & toys.

Victor Mazon

Necro-pop and funeral doom patched with broken cables over an adult doll house.

G.A.M.E.S. Projekt: The Game Arcade Music Entertainment System

G.A.M.E.S. ist eine C64 Zwillingsprozessoreinheit geschaffen von David Pfluger um Game Sounds aufzulegen. Klassische 8-bit Game- und Cracker-Musik direkt ab 5¼ Zoll Disketten in Eure Ohren!

SGMK All-Stars DIY Synth-Jam

Everybody welcome to join our synth table, bring your own DIY sound maching and join the cacaphony!

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