Podcast: “Art meets technology” with Miranda Moss und Oli Jäggi

A recent podcast with Miranda (a regular “hacker-in-residency” at our lab) and Oli, produced by Pro Helvetia’s Initiative on «Art, Science and Technology». See more on their website.

Art meets technology

In this episode South African artist Miranda Moss talks to Swiss scientist Oliver Jäggi. They explain their passion for mechatronics or mechanical electronics and how they are both working on the same composition despite being geographically separated.

Miranda Moss is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Cape Town whose practice toys with the representation of nature as a pure and extra-cultural phenomenon. Her work and practice constantly challenge the boundaries of the art world. In 2017 she was the recipient of the Pro Helvetia / Artists-in-Labs residency in Zurich, where she was stationed in a phytopathology laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow, Forest and Landscape.

Oliver Jäggi is a Zürich-based chemist and synthesiser enthusiast, working in the water protection laboratory. Oliver Jäggi is currently the president of the Swiss Mechatronics Art Society where he met Miranda Moss and started their ongoing collaborative work.

Additional link: The Gallus Gallus Roboticus Project

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