Workshop 22.06.2024: ___LOFIA – Build your own sampler

___LOFIA is a little sampler that uses a chip called ISD1820. The purpose of this circuit is voice recording and
mangling of the sound in a lofi environment, due to its little amount of memory the sample recorded as a fixed size
about 20 sec. The aim of the workshop is to hack the board and control the pitch with an analog sensor like a
potentiometer or a light sensor or even a rain sensor. Then instead of using the built in buttons, we’ll use some nice
arcade buttons and instead of the electret mic we’ll use a piezo or a standard jack or mini jack as input. During the
open workshop you’ll learn how to build the instrument, how it works and how it can be used for creating strange
loops with voice or sampling other sounds. This is the second in a series of workshops called Audio DIY Lab, a
series dedicated to creating your own electronic and electroacoustic instruments and developing your own sound
self-expression. This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of previous experience
in electronic design, programming or soldering. You will have the opportunity to build your own instrument from both a
hardware and software perspective.

We want to challenge the mass production of standardized instruments that lack the
flexibility to be modified or hacked. By taking a critical approach to the technological domain, we encourage a
do-it-yourself ethic and a critical examination of technological hegemony.

We encourage participants to bring their own tools or implements, previous or ongoing
projects. For example, if someone is working with wood we encourage them to bring all the tools they need so that by
the end of the workshop each participant will have created a unique instrument.
But there is also a stock of a variety of tools and materials available at the Workshop space.

The Workshop is given by Giorgio Alloati aka. Moo17 (, who will also paly a Live Set in the evening after the workshop.

This workshop happens on the same day as the Archipelago Solstice Convergence Day Event at Bitwäscherei:;_Archipelago_Solstice_Convergence

Suggested Price: Soli ~CHF 70 including all materials. If you’re low on cash, please don’t hesitate to attend and contribute what you can.
Bring: Please bring your own headphone and/or speakers, 3 AA Batteries and optionally your favourite materials to build a box or enclosure.
Sign-up: To make our life easier, please send an email to if you plan to attend. Of course you can also just show-up, but space may be limited.

9 – 11 h: Brunch
11 h: Start of the workshops until ~19:00

19h DINNER: by Gasthaus Kitchenlab
21h Concerts: Simon Berz , Moo17
22h DJ STAHL, DJ Livia Stöckli, DJ Omega Attracktor

After the Workshops, you are invited to stay at Bitwäscherei and continue hacking on your project. There will be an open dinner, concerts, performances and DJs.

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