Hybrid OpenLab @ MechArtLab / Bitwäscherei is alive again!

We are still hosting our Tuesday’s weekly OpenLab, 20h, as a hybrid community evening. While some of us will need to access the infrastructures of the MechArtLab, like etching PCBs, access to our parts library and toolshop, we invite all our friends of the SGMK community to also join us virtually!

Overview of areas in our virtual 2d World of Bitwäscherei

Our friends from the binary kitchen and the rC3 world devs have managed to setup a new instanz of workadventure that includes all the features developed, animations, sound, etc.

Check out our fantastic virtual hackerspace with this link.

We are also listed on this European map of all the Chaos spaces that keep their 2d world alive!

(We will make sure that this link is updated in case of shifting to other servers. So bookmark THIS page not the wa servers)

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