Homemade summercamp 2019 in Schwanden

We will meet for one week of mechatronic projects in the beautiful mountains of Glarus. The registration for the Homemade summercamp 2019 is now open. Please reserve your place soon.

What is it all about?

Workshops, Talks, self organised work on community projects and hopefully plenty of sunshine! The mechatronic research week “Homemade” 2019 will take place in the Villa Kunterbunt in Schwanden. We will have space for concentrated work, engaged discussions, the tools you need for it and many people diging in electronics and art! As always we will provide a PCB etching station and other workshop tools.

Homemade 2019 is organised by SGMK.

For more information on the Homemade summercamp visit the SGMK Wiki: Homemade 2019

Date and Venue

20.7. – 27. 7. 2019

Pfadiheim Villa Kunterbunt
8773 Glarus Süd



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  1. jana° says:

    btw: short visits are also encouraged! Just pay per diem.

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