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Homemade Vico Morcote

We will meet again for a whole week in Ticino. Once more, we will reside in the beautiful space of i2a in Vico Morcote! Reserve your place as soon as you can, beds are limited.

What is this all about?

Workshops, Talks, self organised work on community projects, and hopefully plenty of sunshine! We will reside in the  beautiful villa "i2a in Vico Morcote at the hillside of Lagi di Lugano. We will have space for concentrated work, the tools you ned for it and many people diging in electronics and art!

Home Made Vico Morcote is organised by SGMK and supported by Migros Kulturprozent:

A more decent description of the camp program can be found on the wiki. This is still work in progress and open for inputs of participants.

You can also check out the blog of one of the attendees of the last camp in vico in 2009.



Uwe Schüler, Tübingen
Electrical engineer and artist. Our walking library about electronics!

Deborah Hustic aka body pixel, Zagreb
Artist, blogger, web dreamer. Deborah will blow our minds with new ideas and concepts!

Date and venue

In Vico Morcote, Ticino, Switzerland.

i2a international institute of architecture
portich da sura 18
6921 vico morcote
t.0041 91 996 13 87
f.0041 91 996 24 21

Date: 12.8. - 18.8.2012

Check out the wiki for directions.


SGMK-Members: Fr. 295.-
Non-SGMK-Members: Fr. 345.-

We are fully booked! The waiting list is also long enough. Check out next year, we're sorry.

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