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Blender Basic

An intensive 6h workshop with 1h break, the intro level workshop aims to give an overview of the capability of the opensource software "Blender" for 3D printing and beyond. You will learn the basics of Blender, the 3D drawing environment, understanding prototyping for 3D printing.


- Location : SGMK MechArtLab, Hohlstrasse 52 CH-8004 Zürich

- Nr. of Participant : 6 - 12 pp

- Kost : SGMK member : 80 sFr.,  non-member : 120 sFr. | SGMK Annual Membership : 50 sFr.

- Workshop Mentor : Martin Fröhlich |

Martin Fröhlich, formaly trained engineer and artist, a free inventor of things humanity hasnt been asking for, driven by a curious sense for technology and the lust to explore its potential to touch and mesmerize people and lead them into new and unknown realms of reality.

Experimenting with the construction of 3D printing and beyond.
Augmented Architecture Projection |
Interactive Fascade Projection |

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