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Workshop am figura Theaterfestival in Baden

Aus einer Abwaschbürste, einem Motor, Batterien und ein paar Drähten entsteht ein kleiner Roboter. Verziert mit Kulleraugen entsteht eine Figur, die selbständig tanzt.

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Sunday, 19. June 2016 -

8-Step Mixtape "Berliner Schule"

Upcoming: 8-Step Mixtape "Berliner Schule" Workshop at H3K. The must-have gadget for every synth geeks featuring an experimental synth engine, sequencer with CV/Gate Out, 8 LEDs, POV mode, algorithmic "One-Liner" music and yes: it is compatible with arduino IDE.
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Saturday, 25. June 2016 -

PAMT - Modular Workshop Series

The PAMT is a small performance oriented module. It’s buttons can add or subtract exactly 1Volt from it’s incoming voltages. This can be used to transpose CV up and down by an octave. It has two inputs which are summed together, like this you can chain PAMT modules to extend the range of the transpose function.

Details & Registration:

Saturday, 09. July 2016 14:00 - 17:00